Breaking New Ground, Finishing Well

Over a course of 12 workshops over 3 months, some 15 students embarked on a journey to develop greater resilience in their character. They started with discovering their unique talents according to Howard Gardner’s framework for “Multiple Intelligence”.

They designed and execute a teambuilding session for 200 secondary one juniors, teaching them group cheers and designing class flags. Some took on public speaking to large groups and organising tasks for the first time. It was gratifying to see the group of boys persevering and focusing for an intense 5 hrs.

The next activity saw them undertake a kite-making and flying activity for their juniors on the eve of National Day. About 15 colourful kites took to the sky and a couple managed to take off even though there was only a gentle breeze.

Kingmaker is delighted to have the chance to help discover the “gems” in the group of boys. Each is uniquely gifted in their own way, and this programme will be expanded and replicated for the subsequent batches.

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