An Intern’s Experience with Kingmaker Consultancy

Lim Ray Wen interned at Kingmaker Consultancy in 2011. He recounts his experience.

I grew and developed in many ways during the short stint with Kingmaker. The increased confidence in public speaking was especially invaluable.

I was exposed to training young audiences in classroom settings, and it was highly challenging to continually engage their quick-shifting attention. However, Kingmaker provided first-hand coaching & modeling through the principal consultants. This was helped by meticulous pre-preparation of all materials, and a pervasive culture of excellence.

I grew to appreciate the problems of boundless autonomy in the Internet age, particularly with Internet games. The content and cyber wellness values I taught to the young minds were also very applicable for me.

Most of all, I made new good friends at work. My colleagues are very friendly and helpful and we engage beyond work matters. Chatting and chilling together is one aspect that draws me in. Although there is strong leadership, it comes with notable absence of hierarchy and protocols. I feel more than comfortable talking to my bosses and asking them for help.

I personally feel that this internship is a good way to give back to the society. It is a change from the usual things I do for personal gains. Through this internship, I played a role to inspire and educate the future pillars of Singapore. I feel satisfied that I was able to influence my students positively after each class,

Thank you Kingmaker Consultancy for this wonderful experience. I look forward to the possibility of future engagements with you!

Ray Wen is currently pursuing undergraduate studies in an overseas university under a prestigious scholarship. We wish you the best in your future career!

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