Cross Cultural Leadership – Flying on SIA

Kingmaker Consultancy supported the initiative of Social Integration by 5 Private Education Institutions (PEIs); JCU, NAFA, PSB, SIM & TMC. Kingmaker’s Cross Culture Consultant, Mr Tan Hee Guan, jump-started the “Inter-PEI Integration Leadership Camp 2011″ on the first day. These student leaders, handpicked by their Institutions, were involved in collaborative learning with the strategic framework crafted by Kingmaker:

  • The Structure of a Cross Cultural Campus
  • The Integration of Cross Cultural Freshmen
  • The Attitude of a Cross Cultural Leader

On the second day, they were involved in self directed learning by defining a particular area of social integration concern. Through intense discussion and brainstorming, each group proposed a strategic and feasible programme that can strengthen the social integration of foreigners in Singapore.



Kingmaker was impressed by the final day presentations by the cross cultural leaders. With some helpful input from Kingmaker as ‘final project presentation’ judge, these students are ready to begin their journey as cross cultural leaders representing the PEIs.



The last time Mr Tan heard from a cross cultural leader from this camp was that their proposal was supported by the government. Well done everyone!

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