Crossing Cultures with your “OAR”

Kingmaker Consultancy promoted “Cross-Cultural Literacy” to 200 foreign freshmen at SIM Global Education in August 2011. They came from countries all over Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, India, South Korea, Mongolia, just to name a few.

“Cross-Cultural Literacy” was to be very different from the regular  “Introducing Singapore” talks. Mr Tan Hee Guan (Kingmaker’s principal consultant) moved beyond mere information abut the island state, and instead focused on promoting an adventurous and accepting attitude toward the new surroundings.

The freshmen evaluated their ‘Cross-Culture Readiness’ through a simple profiling exercise. Those who were struggling in their adaptation were pointed towards many sources of information and were also encouraged to seek help from SIM’s Student Care Department.

The freshmen received a strong challenge from Mr Tan. He recounted many inspiring personal accounts of cross-cultural experiences over the past 20 years. Most of the crowd were captivated and highly engaged as they were transported to China, Indonesia, India and various other places. The students were also given some practical handles and “assignments” over the next 4 weeks as a means to apply what they have learned.

The workshop was exceedingly well received. Kingmaker is pleased and honoured to be training another batch of freshmen in September.

This kind of workshop is very valuable. This is a path to survive in life. Thanks!!! – Shang Siong from Indonesia

Very good and entertaining trainer! He is so funny and the way he teaches is interesting! Hope I could be his student! – anonymous

Look out too for an exciting new “sequel” to this training. It will be a “Cross Cultural Leadership” module to be released in October 2011!

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