Values Leadership for the First President’s School

“Values can’t be taught, they must be caught.”

Experiential learning was the focus for 52 Yusof Yishak Secondary School student leaders as they spent time with Kingmaker Consultancy over a fruitful 2.5 days.

They had more than just fun and bonding while creating structured experiences for each other (and their incoming juniors in 2012). They CAUGHT YISS’ school values through both intentional and unexpected “teachable moments” throughout the camp.

Mr Tan Hee Guan demonstrated with real-life incidences how he practised respect towards students and depended on integrity for teambuilding. He put the leaders in the “hot seat” of responsibility and gave students their chance to facilitate learning for their peers. It was to be an enriching and very different experience.

“The camp teaches us values of school – the fun we had (will) make us remember the camp forever and it (will be) very difficult to forget” – Javier Ng

“(I like most) the interesting games that also teach us about leadership and the school values” – Siti Nur Ain Fatini

The student leaders walked away with the invaluable experience of learning FACILITATION skills. Many were surprised (not the Kingmaker staff though) that young men and women were able to draw out life lessons while they themselves are still learning to embracing the very same VALUES.

“I’ll say that this camp is very very good. Because there’s more tips to learn about values and morals. And there’s a lot of games that we never played before.” – Noraishah Sharipudin

“I would say that this camp has helped me a lot to improve my level of confidence and also my attitude. It is also very engaging and also fun. It is awesome! :D” – Natasha

“Go YI Student Leaders! Be the first to make history by pioneering values education even in your youth!”

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