Grappling with the Multifaceted Dimensions of Cyber Wellness

“Advocating imperative values in the Cyber World”

Within two sessions over a two-week period, Kingmaker worked with Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) to increase awareness and improve Secondary 2 students’ understanding of Cyber Wellness. A handful of stimulating topics were covered, including “Responsible Online Expression, “Mastering Video Gaming”, “Respecting Copyright” and “Online Privacy”.

Under the conscientious supervision and watchful eyes of Kingmaker trainers, Chung Cheng students journeyed through thought-provoking lessons in order to subsequently share their learning outcomes and insights with their peers. All coaching was provided in order to empower and enable the students to conduct Cyber Wellness lessons of the highest quality.

Participants feedback significantly reflected a common appreciation of the trainers’ effective use of visual aids in the forms of creative videos and pictures.

“The videos are really interesting and they help me more efficiently recognize what Cyber Bullying is.” Faith Ye

“It teaches me a lot of things that I did not know before.” Ang Li Ting

The various topics covered also opened the students’ eyes to the urgent need to hold on to values in the cyber world today; values such as respect, responsibility and empathy, which become frequently forgotten upon entry into the Cyber World. Participants were enlightened on how the increasing apathy towards such critical values in the Cyber World must be combated with conscious and persistent efforts to enhance awareness among their peers.

“I learnt a lot to prevent myself from Cyber Bullying, which is commonly seen nowadays.” Bong Ming Min 

“It is amazing, it provides you with important information which I think you cannot miss out on.” Carter Tan

“The workshop can help you learn to manage your gaming problems.” Lee Yan Yi

Kingmaker Consultancy is delighted to partner Chung Chung High School (Yishun) in this groundbreaking Cyber Wellness engagement. Workshops of the highest quality will not merely convince students, but also propel them towards advocacy. Kingmaker joins Chung Cheng High (Yishun) to embrace the stretch goal of getting students to train their peers!


Kingmaker Consultancy’s workshops are rigourously designed to ensure effectiveness in creating real change. Our curriculum is scientifically validated for learning outcomes. Mature and skilful trainers top up the whole experience for a truly effective cyber wellness intervention programme.

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