Challenging and Transforming Negative Cyberspace Values

“The bully, the bullied and the bystander – which are you?”

The school hall packed with a thousand students broke out in uninhibited laughter and rapturous applause as a disfigured, doctored picture of teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber appeared onscreen. The young ladies roared out in unappreciative disapproval and dissent at their peers’ reactions; the eager boys merely added to the celebrations of a moral victory over their universal antagonist that is Justin. A familiar scene, another intriguing engagement – all in a day’s work for Kingmaker Training Consultant, Adeline Wee.

Kingmaker collaborated with Yusof Ishak Secondary School to bring the students through a journey of Cyber Bullying in our ever-changing Cyber World today. The youths screamed out in exhilaration and volunteered enthusiastically as questions were asked about famous (also infamous) social media personalities such as Justin Bieber, even locally notorious bloggers like Steven Lim. Amidst all the fun and enjoyment, the point was eventually raised that Cyber Bullying precipitates serious problems.

“I liked the trainer who was very engaging and the way she presented such a solemn and serious topic.” Lai Mun Yee

Along the way, the mood turned solemn when the unthinkable consequences of Cyber Bullying were illustrated through several examples. Now, they were really listening.

“They showed interesting videos of real life examples instead of simply pointing out the boring points of Cyber Bullying.” Xena Ong

After a short hour spent together, the youths learnt practical steps to adopt in order to alleviate the countless problems associated with apathy towards Cyber Bullying today. More than that – as they left the hall, they gained keen awareness that they could either  contribute to the persistent problem, or joining the fight against Cyber Bullying. All were led to consider their roles in advocacy.

“This program was meaningful to students and very helpful.” Fazeera Suhaimi

Each of them has a role to play in our Cyber World today, now they accept it. The question left to be answered: how will “intention to change” translate into actual action?

(That was not to be left to chance as Kingmaker also designed follow-up activities for teachers to conduct during classes. These will reinforce learning and create opportunities for application of values)

Kingmaker Consultancy conducts impactful, high-energy assembly programs to promote Cyber Wellness. Rather than providing mere entertainment, concrete learning outcomes are achieved with varied paedagogy and effective speakers. This assembly program was testament to how a short but impactful session can instill greater awareness and increase empathy among youths today.  Contact us to find out more how this may fit into your school’s plans for cyber wellness!

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