Awakening This Generation

“Brighter Perspectives & Fresher Ways”

“The trainers are funny, and the workshop really gave me a wake up call.” Lisa Park, 1C

Group activities, the occasional laughter, classes of excited girls but… A wake up call? Who could have thought that another day spent in school on a Monday morning would turn out this way? What exactly was this student talking about – precisely what did she wake up to?

Well, Kingmaker had the privilege to hang out with the Secondary One students of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School on another ordinary Monday morning, as many lessons and discussions were shared over topics such as Social Media and Copyright Issues. The day didn’t turn out as many students expected it to be after all – learning about Copyright and the prevalence of Copyright violation was shockingly scary. In an age where information and ripe knowledge are so readily available and temptingly accessible, students seem to rely on the silver spoon of offered wisdom more than anything else.

“The workshop is very useful and tells me all the knowledge and information about copyright, and plagiarism that I am unaware of.” Jamie Ang, 1P

A wake up call, by the aforementioned student, so it seems, related not only to our youth’s susceptibility of breaking our local copyright and plagiarism laws. More importantly, what was also apparent was the imminent loss of creativity, and increasing reliance on conventional answers among our youth. This was certainly all in a day’s work to champion change in a perpetual war against over-dependence and sloth in their minds!

The day didn’t end on a solemn note though, as the girls left their Social Media workshops raving about their favorite boy, Justin Bieber, and debated over their highly frequented social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. Were they using Facebook too often? Did they know all of the 1250 friends in their networks?  A handful of insights were imparted for the girls to ponder over. At the end of the day, from their response, it was pretty clear that an annual, regular “Cyber Wellness Day” could be informative, advantageous and relevant at the same time!

“I liked that I learnt how to protect myself online.” Elizabeth Yee, 1S

Kingmaker Consultancy is pleased to work in tandem with Cedar Girls’ Secondary via this wonderful Cyber Wellness engagement. Workshops of the most exceptional quality will do well in encouraging students to have a positive perspective of Cyber Wellness, and also practically advocating it, beginning with their personal lives. Kingmaker is proud to partner Cedar Girls’ Secondary in nurturing responsible and media-savvy youths in the 21st Century!

Kingmaker Consultancy’s workshops are conscientiously crafted to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in generating real change in our young generation. Our curriculum is scientifically validated for learning outcomes. Dynamic and capable trainers assist us in achieving our goal of shaping profitable values in our youth which are congruent to the values in our schools today.  Contact us to find out more how this may fit into your school’s plans for Cyber Wellness and character development!

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