Empowering Young Ladies – Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy

“If we care about nourishing the human spirit, if we care about human relationships, we have to care about this issue (the Media and how it relates to our children)” – Enola Aird, Activist Mother

Students learn the multi-faceted effects of media & advertising

Over a span of three days, the Secondary 1 girls of St. Margaret’s Secondary School learned about how modern media influences their behaviour, perceptions and values. A keen sense of “media literacy” was the goal, and the students applied it in everyday youth Internet issues such as Copyright, Online Privacy & Reputation, and the dangers of Unbridled Online Expression on social media

“The workshops are really beneficial for young people who think that the internet is a very safe place.” – Ain Azizah, 1E4

Voting for Top Cyber Wellness Artefacts

The trainers from Kingmaker Consultancy also demonstrated how consumerism & commercial agenda dominates the media diet of young people in the Internet age. These influences often promote a warped view of how a “woman” should be. The biggest danger, though, is that young girls are often oblivious to its effects.

“Learning about being Media-Savvy applies a lot to us, especially these days.” -Vanessa Teo, 1E2

The girls learned about the subtle methods often employed in modern marketing. The also practised their skills of discerment in an exercise to create original artifacts for a Media Literacy contest and exhibition. Every participant had multiple opportunities to be an advocate for the cyber wellness issues they chose to highlight.

Kingmaker is pleased to have partnered St. Margaret’s Secondary School in shaping values in 21st century learners! Noting that it is St. Margaret’s mission “to nurture confident, creative and caring young ladies who will serve God, the Country and the Community,” Kingmaker sought to impart timeless values of balance, astuteness, respect and responsibility.

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Kingmaker Consultancy conducts workshops & exhibitions to teach Cyber Wellness and Media Literacy. Contact us for custom solutions for your school’s unique needs!

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