“Friends or Fiends?” – Online Stranger Danger!

Kingmaker Consultancy hit the road and conducted assembly programmes for young users of the Internet.

  • “How many of you use Facebook?”
  • “How many have added online strangers as friends?”

We came up close with present reality, as many told of their forays into the online world. It surfaced the many challenges facing parents, teachers and children – how can we make safe choices in the face of peer pressure and overwhelming wave of underage Facebook users?

  • “Do you think you can trust Uncle Tan? How about this chubby man, or this cool looking faceless guy?”
  • “What if this guy knows your other friends?”

Scenarios were painted to test the children’s responses and reveal how they have assimilated the messages. The trainer played the devil’s advocate to push the limits of the children’s reasoning abilities.

  • “Say a big no to online strangers..not just a no, but a NO NO NO!”

With that the participants launched into a corporate response to affirm what they would do to respond to stranger friend requests.

“I will say that Kingmaker’s talk is fantastic” – Simon Lee, P5

“I like the video Hopeless Sashimi” – Darren Tan, P5

“Very nice, very entertaining” – Vincent, P5

“It is a fun way to learn about cyber wellness” – Low Gin Lim, P5

“You must attend this workshop because it’s engaging and fun and we could learn at the same time” – Nicole Ooi, P5

Kingmaker Consultancy: It is estimated that more than 70% of primary school children are underage Facebook users, and a good proportion of these do so without parental approval. Coupled with increasing trading of virtual items, many young children report meeting strangers to exchange items and cash. In this climate, it is imperative that children are engaged with practical and viable solutions in the online space.

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