Empowering Educators for Cyber Wellness

Stamps of approval for our workshops

In the past 9 months, Kingmaker has trained more than 300 teachers in 13 schools about cyber wellness. The workshops have been most fruitful and satisfying for Kingmaker and we thank all participants for their kind feedback.

Improving Teachers Awareness (% “agree” or “strongly agree”)

  • 97.7% – “I have improved in my understanding of video games”
  • 100% – “I have improved in understanding social media”
  • 96.5% – “I gained valuable insights into how social media works”
  • 100% – “The information on privacy and online reputation was useful for me”
  • 95.5% – “The information on cyber bullying was useful for me”

Beyond being useful information for themselves, teachers also found the workshop empowering them for their work (% “agree” or “strongly agree”)

  • 93.9% – “The intervention tips are useful for my work”
  • 92.8% – “The research data is helpful for understanding my students”
  • 91.3% – “I gained new insights into educating students on cyber wellness”
  • 100% – “The case studies presented were useful”
  • 91.8% – “I learned useful mentoring tips”
  • 93.2% – “The segment on engaging teenagers were useful”

Thank you for your kind attention on a weekday afternoon!

Verbatim feedback at Cyber Wellness workshops (“What would you say about this workshop?”)

  • “Very informative and insightful presentation. Never knew so much about game addiction. The talk and presentation is back up by research data.” – West 6 Cluster Cyber Wellness Workshop
  • Positive information that can bring about a change” – Mayflower Secondary School
  • “Eye opening data with mind-bogging implications” – Bartley Secondary School
  • Not the conventionally-boring cyberwellness programme” – Junyuan Secondary School
  • “It realy helps to raise awareness of an issue that truly matters today.” – Junyuan Secondary School
  • “It is an eye opener and gives a clear understanding of cyber gaming addiction” – East Spring Secondary School
  • “Really learn a lot about cyber wellness. Excellent workshop.” – Mayflower Secondary School
  • “Force every parent to undergo this workshop, make it compulsory” – Assumption English School
  • “You should do more of such presentations to schools as a form of advertisement and also as a form of educating teachers. I think there is a real need to provide more info to all.” – West 6 Cluster

Verbatim feedback (“What do you like most about the workshop?”)

  • “I like the sharing of case studies, videos. It made the talk very engaging and insightful” – Junyuan Secondary School
  • “I like it that issue was very current and presenter was knowledgeable” – Bartley Secondary School
  • “I like the engaging trainer, research data and education strategies” – East Spring Secondary School
  • “I like the real life scenarios/examples on how the trainer uses social media positively to reinforce responsible use of social media among the young” – Junyuan Secondary School
  • “I like it that the trainer is engaging and exposes us to the possible ways to intervene in students’ social media lives, which I think is very useful” – Junyuan Secondary School
  • “I like it that the materials that were used were helpful. I can see how I can use then during my lessons” – Mayflower Secondary School
  • “I like the knowledge about the gaming world and the (sharing of) trends among students with respect to gaming” – Assumption English School
  • “I like the sharing of research data to back up the intervention approaches etc.” – Hwa Chong Institution
  • “(I now) have better understanding of video game addiction, what are the possibilities behind their addiction and possible solutions.” – Jurong Secondary School
  • “I like it that the speaker is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic.” – Beacon Primary School

Your response made it most satisfying for Kingmaker!

Kingmaker believes that teachers have a critical role in educating children about cyber wellness. We have launched a suite of services to share our experience and methods with Educators, so as to multiply our reach. Kingmaker continues to innovate ahead of the curve to keep pace with 21st century learners!

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