Media Literacy with Kingmaker

Captivated Audience at Bartley Secondary School

Captivated Audience at Bartley Secondary School

It was to be an anchoring programme for a Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy Carnival – for hundreds of Bartley Secondary School students after their exams. Yet what took place (still) surprised most students.

The highly media-exposed youths were led through media experiments conducted on the entire crowd, and most fell for the media tricks used to manipulate their responses. From emotional responses to memory tricks, the youths experienced for themselves the power of media.

“Being media-exposed does not ensure that one becomes media-savvy”

It certainly takes more than familiarity to discern how popular media (such as video games, advertisements, music and lyrics) can change one’s perception and behaviour.

Hear what the teachers had to say (verbatim comments):

  • “The programme allows you to be more aware of how media influences your thoughs and behaviour”
  • “Helps your kids see through the advertisements so they don’t fall prey to the pied piper of advetisements”
  • “… touches on many aspects which are very relevant to analysing a visual stimulus, which is tested in the new English syllabus”
  • “Very engaging and though provoking! Not to be missed!”
  • “The vendor engages the student very well”
  • “It’s good and relevant to all, young and old”

(“What did you like most about the programme?”)

  • “Speaker was very engaging and his use of up-to-date and relevant resources was really helpful in letting the students learn in an authentic context. Things were put simply and easy to understand.”
  • “Speaker was engaging and many relevant points were highlighted, especially about how our personal data may be kept and exploited.”
  • “It was able to reach out to the audience in a lucid manner. Sources were original too . Very down to earth.”
  • “Presenters were engaging. Students enjoyed the presentation. Salient points were highlighted through various modes- video, pictures, texts etc.”
  • “The trainers were very informative and I felt that the students were engaged for most of the time. In fact, the memory test that they played was very interesting and it was relevant for teachers too.”
  • “Very well adapted for the secondary student audience.”

(“What would you suggest for improvement?”

  • “Speaker should have been given more time for his presentation for he had so many interesting things to share with the audience.”
  • “Good to do this at the beginning of the year as part of CME Then allow the  teachers to follow up in class.”
  • “Include such programmes for all schools and made available for school to implement it in a variety of ways to educate our students, such as assembly talks, games, exhibits, in-class activity, projects, camps, etc.”

Thank you Bartley students and teachers. It was a most memorable and fruitful engagement!

Kingmaker conducts quality cyber wellness programmes using a media literacy approach. Students are taught to consume media with understanding and with critical thinking. For a generation that is highly media-exposed, it is crucial that they become media-savvy too.

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