A Stronghold of Values

“Cementing crucial principles for the forerunners of tomorrow”

In an age of fast-changing cultures and media-oriented communities, one can never overlook the (sadly) deteriorating importance of old-school values and principles. It definitely is an arduous but fulfilling task to pass on these values to the next generation – and that was what a couple of Kingmaker trainers sought to do over 2 days with over 20 student leaders from the Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School.

Highlighting familiar principles such as “Perseverance”, “Responsibility”, “Teamwork” and “Confidence”, the girls were put through many intellectually, and also physically challenging activities to test their diligence and resilience. In addition, the dynamic and difficult circumstances also put them in a situation to work with each other, out of their comfort zones. Building on the relationships already forged through their daily  interaction in boarding school, the girls were encouraged to deepen their bonds and friendships on top of instilling helpful values.

“It is a very unique experience that will enable you to learn more about others, and also about yourself.” Lee Pei Yi

The girls were also challenged to step outside the comfort zone of their own social circles and interact with strangers and foreigners who they had never previously known. It was certainly a ‘culture shock’ if you will, to encourage spontaneity and enthusiasm in sharing about their own lives and cultures from the various countries they hail from.

“I really enjoyed the task where we had to approach tourists and tell thema bout the cultures and stuff. Through this I was able to bond with my partner (who is from another country) and know more about her culture too.” Kylie Lee

“I liked this activity because it made me more confident to approach strangers and start off a conversation. It will be very useful for me to face new boarders/junior boarders.” Theivanai Subramanian

It was certainly an adventurous time for the girls to challenge their incumbent paradigms, having originate from many different countries. The camp was also a platform for them to figure out how they could overcome their many differences, beliefs and ideologies, to paint a holistic and wonderful environment, and culture in their boarding school.

Above all, these girls were carefully grilled to be influential and spirited leaders in their respective walks of life – they were empowered to further empower others and explore countless possibilities in value-adding to their tight-knit community. Coming from illustrious schools and respectable backgrounds, its important these youths learnt that strong, but humble leaderships is sorely needed in their different schools and social circles. Being a leader isn’t always necessarily confined to the classroom or the training courts – the greater endeavor is transcending these avenues to live out leadership in all aspects of their lives.

“The training programme not only taught me how to lead others well, but also the values that ought to be instilled in a leader and as an individual too.” Koe Jia Yee

Kingmaker is excited and pleased to have partnered Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School in this significant and thrilling camp. We hope that the girls will go on to shape our society and impact lives as they grow in their teenage years!

Kingmaker Consultancy conducts vibrant, dynamic camps to cultivate teamwork, leadership and cross-cultural adaptation. We believe that all students can be trained and nurtured as leaders and shapers of their communities around them. The means by which we achieve these will always be challenging, but they should never impede us from striving to build up a generation of resilient and determined youths, who are convicted and convinced about real, priceless life principles! Contact us to find out more how this may fit into your school’s plans for leadership development and team building!

Cross Cultural Leadership – Flying on SIA

Kingmaker Consultancy supported the initiative of Social Integration by 5 Private Education Institutions (PEIs); JCU, NAFA, PSB, SIM & TMC. Kingmaker’s Cross Culture Consultant, Mr Tan Hee Guan, jump-started the “Inter-PEI Integration Leadership Camp 2011″ on the first day. These student leaders, handpicked by their Institutions, were involved in collaborative learning with the strategic framework crafted by Kingmaker:

  • The Structure of a Cross Cultural Campus
  • The Integration of Cross Cultural Freshmen
  • The Attitude of a Cross Cultural Leader

On the second day, they were involved in self directed learning by defining a particular area of social integration concern. Through intense discussion and brainstorming, each group proposed a strategic and feasible programme that can strengthen the social integration of foreigners in Singapore.



Kingmaker was impressed by the final day presentations by the cross cultural leaders. With some helpful input from Kingmaker as ‘final project presentation’ judge, these students are ready to begin their journey as cross cultural leaders representing the PEIs.



The last time Mr Tan heard from a cross cultural leader from this camp was that their proposal was supported by the government. Well done everyone!

Crossing Cultures with your “OAR”

Kingmaker Consultancy promoted “Cross-Cultural Literacy” to 200 foreign freshmen at SIM Global Education in August 2011. They came from countries all over Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, India, South Korea, Mongolia, just to name a few.

“Cross-Cultural Literacy” was to be very different from the regular  “Introducing Singapore” talks. Mr Tan Hee Guan (Kingmaker’s principal consultant) moved beyond mere information abut the island state, and instead focused on promoting an adventurous and accepting attitude toward the new surroundings.

The freshmen evaluated their ‘Cross-Culture Readiness’ through a simple profiling exercise. Those who were struggling in their adaptation were pointed towards many sources of information and were also encouraged to seek help from SIM’s Student Care Department.

The freshmen received a strong challenge from Mr Tan. He recounted many inspiring personal accounts of cross-cultural experiences over the past 20 years. Most of the crowd were captivated and highly engaged as they were transported to China, Indonesia, India and various other places. The students were also given some practical handles and “assignments” over the next 4 weeks as a means to apply what they have learned.

The workshop was exceedingly well received. Kingmaker is pleased and honoured to be training another batch of freshmen in September.

This kind of workshop is very valuable. This is a path to survive in life. Thanks!!! – Shang Siong from Indonesia

Very good and entertaining trainer! He is so funny and the way he teaches is interesting! Hope I could be his student! – anonymous

Look out too for an exciting new “sequel” to this training. It will be a “Cross Cultural Leadership” module to be released in October 2011!