Cyber Wellness Roadshows

Kingmaker Consultancy took to the road with “Virtual Creates Reality” Cyber Wellness Roadshow in Beatty Secondary School!

It was to be a different mode of promoting and “teaching” cyber wellness – through fun, games and quizzes. Students participated in these interactive activities at a Kingmaker’s cyber wellness booth. At the end of the day, the entire school was treated to a presentation by Mr Poh Yeang Cherng on how to truly master video games. They also took part in a competition to share their reflections on cyber wellness.

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Loud screams and cheers filled the cyber wellness booth throughout the day, as students cheered their friends in the attempt to¬† hit the game targets. The challenge was compounded with participants struggling with less-than-perfect “vision”. Everybody walked away winners: all had good fun and impactful learning, and some even won Kingmaker’s cyber wellness token and drink vouchers from the school.

The event was carefully designed to run on an integrated approach, paired with coordinated themes and coherent messages. Top-quality direct instruction was coupled with experiential learning and skilful facilitation by Kingmaker’s trainers. Within a limited time, Kingmaker Consultancy was able to achieve a high level of learning-interaction with the entire student population.

Kingmaker’s cyber wellness consultants are adept at creating cyber wellness solutions for varied needs. This roadshow promotes cyber wellness in a carnival setting. The high energy engagement delivers learning out of the classrooms and especially engages active teenagers. Inquire with us at for more unique ideas on customising a programme for your school’s needs!

Kingmaker Consultancy Company Profile

It has been a hectic three months of startup with multiple competing priorities. But Hee Guan and myself are pleased to finally put the final touches to our corporate profile. Our website will be up soon but you are getting a sneak preview.

“Kingmaker Consultancy is in the business of shaping values in 21st century learners.”

The Landscape
21st century children and youths use Internet technology very early in their lives. En-route to acquiring digital literacies, they learn and apply values in a world where rules and boundaries of virtual and reality are often blurred.
To teach values effectively, there is an increasing challenge to continually contextualise values for the mashed-realities of real and virtual worlds. There also a great need to teach these values with learner-sensitive approaches.

Our Services
Kingmaker Consultancy operates at the forefront of technology trends, and keeps intimate touch with how youths adopt and use technology.
We provide training, research and consultancy services for youth education, augmenting and complementing existing efforts to keep pace with changes. Our cyber wellness & media literacy training, leadership development, character & citizenship programmes are specially contextualised for application in both real and virtual worlds.

Key Focus Areas
1. Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy
2. Leadership Development
3. Character & Citizenship Education

Poh Yeang Cherng and Tan Hee Guan founded Kingmaker Consultancy in 2011 after establishing cutting-edge organizations & services in Cyber Wellness and International Youth Leadership Development. Collectively, they possess more than 30 years experience in training youths and leaders in NPOs, Schools, Community and Religious settings.
A team of associate consultants make up the team, each passionate and dedicated to the cause of passing values to the next generation. They include specialists and practitioners in the fields of media & communications, research, counseling, parenting & developmental psychology.






Welcome to Kingmaker Consultancy

Welcome! We’re delighted to have you visit us! This will be a great place for us to reach you with updates, news and postings that will be useful to you. Between the two founders of Kingmaker Consultancy, we will be writing about Cyber Wellness, Media Literacy, Leadership, Mentoring and Teambuilding issues.

The blog will complement our website We’re working hard to getting it up and running so you can find out about the many exciting ideas we have and innovating programmes that we’re engaged in.

You can also email us at or access our Facebook page.

Visit us again!


Hee Guan & Yeang Cherng