A Stronghold of Values

“Cementing crucial principles for the forerunners of tomorrow”

In an age of fast-changing cultures and media-oriented communities, one can never overlook the (sadly) deteriorating importance of old-school values and principles. It definitely is an arduous but fulfilling task to pass on these values to the next generation – and that was what a couple of Kingmaker trainers sought to do over 2 days with over 20 student leaders from the Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School.

Highlighting familiar principles such as “Perseverance”, “Responsibility”, “Teamwork” and “Confidence”, the girls were put through many intellectually, and also physically challenging activities to test their diligence and resilience. In addition, the dynamic and difficult circumstances also put them in a situation to work with each other, out of their comfort zones. Building on the relationships already forged through their daily  interaction in boarding school, the girls were encouraged to deepen their bonds and friendships on top of instilling helpful values.

“It is a very unique experience that will enable you to learn more about others, and also about yourself.” Lee Pei Yi

The girls were also challenged to step outside the comfort zone of their own social circles and interact with strangers and foreigners who they had never previously known. It was certainly a ‘culture shock’ if you will, to encourage spontaneity and enthusiasm in sharing about their own lives and cultures from the various countries they hail from.

“I really enjoyed the task where we had to approach tourists and tell thema bout the cultures and stuff. Through this I was able to bond with my partner (who is from another country) and know more about her culture too.” Kylie Lee

“I liked this activity because it made me more confident to approach strangers and start off a conversation. It will be very useful for me to face new boarders/junior boarders.” Theivanai Subramanian

It was certainly an adventurous time for the girls to challenge their incumbent paradigms, having originate from many different countries. The camp was also a platform for them to figure out how they could overcome their many differences, beliefs and ideologies, to paint a holistic and wonderful environment, and culture in their boarding school.

Above all, these girls were carefully grilled to be influential and spirited leaders in their respective walks of life – they were empowered to further empower others and explore countless possibilities in value-adding to their tight-knit community. Coming from illustrious schools and respectable backgrounds, its important these youths learnt that strong, but humble leaderships is sorely needed in their different schools and social circles. Being a leader isn’t always necessarily confined to the classroom or the training courts – the greater endeavor is transcending these avenues to live out leadership in all aspects of their lives.

“The training programme not only taught me how to lead others well, but also the values that ought to be instilled in a leader and as an individual too.” Koe Jia Yee

Kingmaker is excited and pleased to have partnered Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School in this significant and thrilling camp. We hope that the girls will go on to shape our society and impact lives as they grow in their teenage years!

Kingmaker Consultancy conducts vibrant, dynamic camps to cultivate teamwork, leadership and cross-cultural adaptation. We believe that all students can be trained and nurtured as leaders and shapers of their communities around them. The means by which we achieve these will always be challenging, but they should never impede us from striving to build up a generation of resilient and determined youths, who are convicted and convinced about real, priceless life principles! Contact us to find out more how this may fit into your school’s plans for leadership development and team building!

Young Leaders of Tomorrow

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.” Aristotle

Who would have thought that spending quality hours with inquisitive, invigorated 12-year old boys could be so refreshing and exciting? Kingmaker trainers rolled back the years as they spent a good two days with just over 40 Maris Stella High School (Primary) prefects for a training camp.

Riding on the belief that leaders can and should be trained well from a young age, the trainers guided the prefects through many challenging activities and games. Instead of stagnating in their ideas and beliefs, the prefects were thoroughly encouraged to learn how to listen acutely, reform their school of thought, and refine problem-solving processes. In this day and age of prevalent, accessible information sources, the prefects were taught not to rely on established solutions and answers that were already tested and proven.

Our young leaders were instigated not to “follow where the path may lead” but to “go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” (Harold R. Mcalindon). Cliche as that may sound, the trainers were able to prove to the prefects that a major weakness in our youth generation today lies in their inability, even unwillingness, to challenge convention and exercise creativity.

Throughout many failed attempts in the various activities, the student leaders realized that critical thinking alone was not always sufficient in problem solving – they had to put their creative juices together and work cohesively to generate fresh, plausible solutions. It definitely was learning through the hard way for them!

No one said leadership has to be individualistic – and that was why the prefects spent great amounts of time in vigorous activities that facilitated them to rely on each other, cultivate teamwork and camaraderie. Culture changing in Maris Stella had to being with the school leaders, which was also why the prefects dived deep into the meaning of their school values: the importance of diligence, discipline, loyalty & dedication and courage.

“The training is interesting and teaches us new values which are important for us as prefects.” Justin Kee

“It is very fun and engaging. It helps you to learn more about your values.” Ryan Teh

When the prefects are convinced and motivated to live out these core values in their very own school, they will most certainly be exemplary role models to both their juniors and peers. Listening to their thoughts and reflections, the trainers were heartened to know that the many of the boys intended to apply the lessons learnt from the camp to the areas of their prefectorial duties and personal life. This was as precious and compelling a learning experience to the boys as it was to the trainers!

Kingmaker Consultancy conducts dynamic, high-energy camps to cultivate teamwork and leadership. We believe that the nurture of 21st century leaders is imperative and paramount today – valuable and extensive learning outcomes can be achieved with  a heterogenous pedagogy and competent training. Contact us to find out more how this may fit into your school’s plans for leadership development and team building!

Values Leadership for the First President’s School

“Values can’t be taught, they must be caught.”

Experiential learning was the focus for 52 Yusof Yishak Secondary School student leaders as they spent time with Kingmaker Consultancy over a fruitful 2.5 days.

They had more than just fun and bonding while creating structured experiences for each other (and their incoming juniors in 2012). They CAUGHT YISS’ school values through both intentional and unexpected “teachable moments” throughout the camp.

Mr Tan Hee Guan demonstrated with real-life incidences how he practised respect towards students and depended on integrity for teambuilding. He put the leaders in the “hot seat” of responsibility and gave students their chance to facilitate learning for their peers. It was to be an enriching and very different experience.

“The camp teaches us values of school – the fun we had (will) make us remember the camp forever and it (will be) very difficult to forget” – Javier Ng

“(I like most) the interesting games that also teach us about leadership and the school values” – Siti Nur Ain Fatini

The student leaders walked away with the invaluable experience of learning FACILITATION skills. Many were surprised (not the Kingmaker staff though) that young men and women were able to draw out life lessons while they themselves are still learning to embracing the very same VALUES.

“I’ll say that this camp is very very good. Because there’s more tips to learn about values and morals. And there’s a lot of games that we never played before.” – Noraishah Sharipudin

“I would say that this camp has helped me a lot to improve my level of confidence and also my attitude. It is also very engaging and also fun. It is awesome! :D” – Natasha

“Go YI Student Leaders! Be the first to make history by pioneering values education even in your youth!”

Breaking New Ground, Finishing Well

Over a course of 12 workshops over 3 months, some 15 students embarked on a journey to develop greater resilience in their character. They started with discovering their unique talents according to Howard Gardner’s framework for “Multiple Intelligence”.

They designed and execute a teambuilding session for 200 secondary one juniors, teaching them group cheers and designing class flags. Some took on public speaking to large groups and organising tasks for the first time. It was gratifying to see the group of boys persevering and focusing for an intense 5 hrs.

The next activity saw them undertake a kite-making and flying activity for their juniors on the eve of National Day. About 15 colourful kites took to the sky and a couple managed to take off even though there was only a gentle breeze.

Kingmaker is delighted to have the chance to help discover the “gems” in the group of boys. Each is uniquely gifted in their own way, and this programme will be expanded and replicated for the subsequent batches.