Brand New Eyes In The Cyberworld

Kingmaker trainers conducted cyber wellness roadshows in 5 different campuses of the Institute of Technological Education (ITE) Central. Thanks to the initiative of the Student Care Development department, the youth of ITE were exposed to risks and opportunities of living in the virtual world.

A wide spectrum of issues were covered, including “Cyberbullying”, “Cyber Security”, “Video Gaming Addiction” & “Responsible Online Expression”. This roadshow was unique in the paedagogy adopted. Instead of direct instruction, the ITE students learned through gaming experiences and an interactive quiz. They were introduced to various cyber wellness values such as “Responsibility” and “Respect” through a real life “First Person Shooter” (FPS) game using nerve guns.

The atmosphere was also fabulous for the Kingmaker trainers to share their know-how about prevalent cyber wellness challenges. In return, the facilitators had an opportunity to come up close and hear the actual problems faced by youth in the virtual world today.

Many students who were taking a break from their lessons or heading home for a good rest chose instead to join their friends at the crowded exhibition area and engage the experiential learning games.

In a simulated ‘goal-achieving’ game, many of the students got to hear their very own friends share about their aspirations and dreams – some wanted to be teachers, some wanted to finish well and further their education at Polytechnics, others also chose the exciting lifestyle of an air stewardess!

Kingmaker is thrilled and pleased to have partnered the Institute of Technological Education in this colorful roadshow. We hope that the future graduates of ITE would have integrated cyber wellness not just in mind but in their hearts as well!

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